Making Old Things New


This photo smiles at me every day from my fridge and I always smile back. It wasn't taken yesterday, even though it feels like it. This was taken two and a half years ago, one fall afternoon while we were out checking calves as a family and the kids asked to stop to play a minute in old barn loft.

The same one they now have a super cool clubhouse in. The same one they find common ground in and enjoy nailing up old signs they've found in the old house up the dirt road. The same one with an old bench seat from an old car of their Papa's that makes the perfect "lounge chair." The old loft where they are making new memories - together.

And it's these times among all the others where they can get on each others nerves and the rivalry starts to run deep, that I realize these moments are running deep, too. And in the end, hopefully they’ll run deeper than anything else that would try to pull them apart.

They recently gave me a tour of the clubhouse for a vlog and they'd love to share with you, too. Watch below...

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

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